Plus Size Fashion Blogger Presents: “Stylish Saturday’s” featuring Suzy Shier


Two Saturday’s ago, I shared with you that Canadian Retailer Suzy Shier has now launched a plus size collection. I was so blown away by the price points which range from as low as $12 to $50 that I decided to put together a mini look book to showcase this cute dress I snagged a few weeks ago.

suzyblackdress3 suzyblackdress2


I was elated to know that I can put together an entire evening look for under a $100.00!!! This Dress is called the “Corded lace flippy dress” and retails for only $46.00. I was lucky enough to purchase it during one of their many in store 40% off promotions which brought the cost of this dress down to get this..$27.00!!!! before taxes. That is amazing to say the least.

Outfit Details: I am a size 18, and I decided to purchase the 3x, though I will admit some of the items in store mirror more of a junior sizing format, the fit on this dress is pretty generous. This dress is particularly roomy for me in the bust and waist area, I could have done a 2x but wanted it to fit a bit bigger.



The other exciting thing about the Suzy Shier Plus Sizes is the accessibility,  They offer their plus size collection in 70+ stores across Canada. so if online shopping is not your thing then pop into one of their many locations.



Outfit Info: Shoes: Lane Bryant *Sold Out* but similar (HERE) , Dress: Suzy Shier Plus (HERE), Purse: Vintage.

Suzy Shier is committed to improving on this line, so if you have concerns or feedback please send an email to their plus size fashion department (HERE)

Photo Credit: Toussaint Brown

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Canadian Plus Size Fashion Blogger Presents: “Model Monday” Featuring Steff Ivory Conover

It’s that time again to feature a Model I know, or admire. I have always wanted to be a Model but never really pursued it. So I enjoy featuring stories of women who have gone whole heartily for what they want in the modelling industry and have broken barriers. In my opinion this young lady is a pure example of that. I would like to introduce you to Model, Musician, Actress and my beautiful friend Steff Ivory Conover

DSC_1012 as Smart Object-1

What sparked your interest to start pursing a Modelling [Career]?

While attending Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts to further sharpen my singing, acting and dancing career, I was scouted by the Bloor West BIA to participate in their “Bloor Street Entertains” festival, and be a live model. Walking amongst the throng of spectators in varying outfits, I found the crowd really cheered each time I came out as I was the only Plus Sized model in the show. I had such a great time that weekend that the progression into modelling just felt like a natural next step upon graduating from Randolph. The way I see it, never say no to an opportunity to entertain!

DSC_4554 as Smart Object-1

How long have you been working in the Modelling Industry?

I found time to get a smattering of modelling gigs under my belt during my tenure at Randolph Academy (between 2003-2006) and have been actively working in the modelling industry since 2006.

From your perspective, what are some pros and cons to the Modelling industry? and if there are cons do you have suggestions or points you can highlight in order to start about change?

I think a huge pro about the [Plus Size] modelling industry is the size acceptance, body diversity and self-love that it promotes. I’ve found this industry thrives in being the antithesis to the sometimes darker side of modelling which is often mired in controversy around just how thin models have to [aspire to] be in order to book jobs.  I think the plus sized modelling industry is already bringing about change in a big way (mind the pun!) as step by step, little by little, faces like Liis Windischmann, Fluvia Lacerda, Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn and Robyn Lawley have appeared on more traditionally “slim-centric” publications, catwalks and runways around the world, helping to break down the barriers surrounding fuller figures, and paving the way for the rest of us to follow suit. The change that Plus Sized models, plus-positive agencies, bloggers, publications and brands are bringing about is absolutely inspiring – the plus sized revolution is truly well underway and I am ecstatic to be a part of it.

DSC_4694 as Smart Object-1

Do you have any sound advice you can give to aspiring Models who want to break into this industry?

I think the best advice I can give anyone who wants to break into the modelling industry is to believe in yourself – believe that your look is uniquely yours, and aspire to be the best version of yourself you can be. Build your portfolio through trade for photos with aspiring photographers, and build friendships that way to boot! Never stop changing, never stop growing, and never be afraid to break out of the ordinary and collaborate across industries to make your voice (and your passion) heard. Be humble. Go out on a limb for other photographers, designers, bloggers and industry professionals who believe in your image and your brand – you never know where your next gig might come from so be sure to leave them all with a good taste in their mouths (if you can help it) to strengthen your own power as a model, entrepreneur and artistic individual.

What can we expect to see from Ivory the model/entertainer in near future?

On the modelling front, you can expect to continue to see the same fierce, feisty and positive imagery coming from my camp as usual. I truly believe in modelling as an art – and as I continue to hone my craft there is no limit to what I believe I can achieve in harmony with the myriad of like-minded, creative individuals, designers, photographers, fashion houses and publications I am blessed to work alongside. As an entertainer, I’ve been diligently focused on my Jazz career for the last 5 years, and an album is in the works to accompany that. In the meantime, you’ll find me gigging around Toronto, New York and beyond, gracing catwalks, stages and print media alike. If you listen hard enough, you’ll even find my friendly voice chirping at you from a few radio spots!


Thank you so much Steff for gracing us with your words of wisdom and encouragement regarding your honest and true experiences regarding the Modelling industry. You are  a force of creativity and talent. I am excited to see what your next move is going to be.

If you would like to find out more about Steff Ivory Conover, you can find her on her official Facebook Fan Page: (HERE) or on Instagram: @Pureivorydotca or on her Official Website (HERE)

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Canadian Plus Size Fashion Blogger Presents: Stylish Saturday stepping out of my comfort zone.




I would like to believe that I am adventurous with my style, I mean if you go through my past posts, I would like to think that a little bit of an evolution is being started. So when I was contacted by this cute new online based boutique to review a few items from their collection I jumped at the chance.



This new Boutique is called Kurvie Kae Boutique, a quaint little online shop based Toronto. Kurvie Kae’s motto is to offer trendy clothing to plus size women for a fraction of the cost. What I can say is the buying style of this store is quite trendy and resembles a lot of the fashion forward fun items you may see on celebrities or fashion lovers like myself


They offer an array of styles such as fitted Body con style skirts, dresses, bold prints and rompers like the one I am wearing below.


I decided to step out of my comfort zone and picked up this romper to wear to lunch the other day, it was actually quite  comfortable and made for great focal piece to my entire ensemble.



I also paired with this look is my Junarose Coatigan I snagged from another Toronto based Boutique Your Big Sister’s Closet which you can find (Here)

For more information on Kurvie Kae Boutique you can follow them on facebook (Here) or find them on instagram: @ Kurvie Kae Boutique. To shop Kurvie Kae Boutique click (HERE)

Hope you get a chance to check them out soon and tell them Annie sent ya!

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***New Video*** A Journey to a Healthier Me. Part 2

It’s Thursday!!! and that means a new Video is released on my YouTube Channel. Take a look at Part 2 of my Health Journey Featuring Hope Inspired Fitness & Wellness. Forgive us, we get a little stupid in this Video, but it’s all in good healthy fun:

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Canadian Plus Size Fashion Blogger Presents: “I’m alright with wearing white” 5 fun tips for wearing white this Summer.


As a plus size woman growing up, I dreaded the colour white, I would make declarations that my wedding dress will be anything but white for fear i’d look like a marsh mallow coming down the aisle. I am not sure where this fear originated from but that feeling of fearing white lasted right up into my adulthood.

I’m happy to report that is not the case today. I love the colour white, especially these white jeans I finally got to wear the other day. Sad thing about my past issues with white is i’m not alone. I know lots of women that still avoid that colour because they may feel the colour  is not “slimming” or the fact white shows “everything” on the body, giving you no room to hide.

But isn’t what this whole Body positive movement is about anyway? The break out! The freeing of feeling shame for being who and what you are? Well if that’s the case, let this Summer be the year you finally become alright with wearing white.


I have 5 feel good Fashion tips to help you embrace the Journey

5 Tips to wearing white:

1. Pair it with colour (Like I did here in a previous post, I wore white on the top and paired it with a high waist jean and fun nude heels)


2. Mix it with prints (Like I did here a few Summer’s ago, I used it as an accent colour with full print skirt at the bottom)


3. White and Metallic are fun. ( like I did here, in this outfit post pairing my white jeans with his gorgeous metallic top)


4. Use white as an accent colour to off set the look (like I did here in this Kiyonna Dress last Holiday Season)


5. Embrace the beauty in this shade and stop stressing! Be alright in your shade of white this Summer.




Outfit Details: Trench Coat *Long Tall Sally* (SOLD OUT),Jeans *Voluptuous Clothing* Top *Sold Out* from Toni Plus

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